Host a Donation Drive


Whether held at home, school, or in the workplace, individuals and groups of all sizes can organize a Donation Drive for the items found in our Comfort Cases. A Donation Drive is a fun, simple way to engage your community. No matter the size of your effort, it has the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of children in foster care.

Why are Donation Drives so important to our work?

Donation Drives bring in much needed items for our Comfort Cases for youth in foster care such as pajamas, blankets, backpacks, stuffed plush, books, journals, baby items (blankets, bibs, baby safe plush, baby toiletries) and more. Donation Drives allow us to obtain a large variety of items. This distinctive assortment of items enables us to ensure our Cases are as unique and individual as each and every child in foster care.

In addition to the impact the collected items will have on the lives of youth in foster care, a Donation Drive engages the community and gets people thinking and talking about the foster care system, the number of youth in the system awaiting placement with a forever family, as well as the experiences of youth in foster care. A Donation Drive may even inspire someone to become a resource parent, provide respite care, become a CASA, adopt a child or sibling group from foster care, or take additional action in their community.

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